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“Ascend to the next level of being”

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I  can only  hope that, to anyone that has read SCARLET KISS©, I  have proven my ability to create  believable characters in unbelievable situations,to tell a story on different levels from varying perspectives and if not well I’m sure my next story will do so and leave no room for doubt my commitment to creating stories to the best of my abilities that anyone from anywhere can enjoy. SK  may not have been my best choice to debut and build a fanbase with due to its adult content but as I  have stated previously it was a story that needed to be told, when it was told.

the next offering from futureGraffix will be a general audiences science-fiction/fantasy cosmic epic titled ASCENDANCE:LEGACY.It will be initially set infinite parsecs away…

The XERON EMPIRIX,a ruthless reptilian race of conquerors from a distant spiral galaxy,have plundered,raped,and laid waste countless worlds for millennia. In their continuous  quest for galactic dominance they come upon an inhabited planet in a still condensing nebula filled with life in a myriad of forms.The dominant species,a humanoid mammalia-class race are blessed with  the ability to absorb and channel ambient cosmic radiation from the as-yet condensed nebulae.These beings have created a society free of need,free of struggle a virtual utopia.They have dedicated the entirety of there existence to the pursuit of knowledge and unraveling the secrets of the universe around them.Thus the XERON’s  proceed thinking this to be yet another  easy incursion,for the native peace loving  inhabitants are bereft of weapons of war and warships to defend themselves.That is the XERON’s first mistake…

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